Why Mappr?

The logical follow-up to an adventure spanning 15 years

It took us 18 months to lay the foundations. 18 months of full-on, unique entrepreneurial and human exploration, which, to summarise, produced the following:

  • An idea, resulting from the observation that for a company wanting a web-based map, the options were either a poor representation on the Google Maps API, or a complex and costly project requiring GIS engineers
  • Maps are the direct means of communication used by many companies and the existing tools are complex and unintuitive.
  • 4562 coffee shops, 4 hours of sleep per night and 80 hours of work per week at cruising speed, 2622 days of development, up to 11 passionate and hard-working individuals, joined together by a shared ambition.
  • More than 100 beta testers, our valued customers… Supporting us in our desire to redefine boundaries.
  • 48 test versions and already a dozen early adopters

But above all, countless moments of laughter, joy, stress, excitement, exhaustion, anger, happiness, doubts and assurances, exceptional encounters and daily doses of inspiration that have helped build our vision and our character, growing a little more every day.

None of this would have been possible without the mobilisation of the Vectuel teams!

The Vectuel and Mappr teams