Mappr Dev Tools

The complete suite of APIs and tools enabling your teams to easily build unique cartographic experiences, for all platforms and devices.
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    Mappr Data Hub

    The hosted Mappr backend allows you to deploy and configure your data for optimal mapping at any scale.
    • Download and synchronise your data
    • Easily create vector tiles and search indexes from your data
    • Configure your indexes and display your data with ease
    • Accessible via the Mappr Command Line Interface (CLI) and the Rest and GraphQl APIS

    Mappr Data Hub

    Le backend hébergé mappr vous permet de déployer et paramétrer vos données pour une utilisation cartographique idéale à n’importe quelle échelle.
    • Télécharger et synchroniser vos données
    • Créer en toute facilité des tuiles vectorielles et des indexes de recherche à partir de vos données
    • Configurer facilement vos indexes et l’affichage de vos données
    • Accessible via l’interface de commande (CLI) mappr ainsi que des APIs Rest et GraphQl

    Mappr UI Components

    The Mappr UI components manage queries and server responses and grant easy access to your data. Mappr thus allows you to focus on the product experience, and to iterate and deliver faster.
    • UI components available off-the-shelf incorporating best practices in map searching
    • Complete application templates
    • Available for JS, React (+ others pending)

    Benefits of the Mappr solution

    • Extremely powerful and scalable
    • 100% configurable
    • Enables 10 x faster development of complex interactive maps
    • Created for developers
    I want to be beta tester!

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