Paris Region Entreprise


Map of Start-Ups and attractions in Ile-de-France

The Mappr project

Paris Region Entreprise has produced a Mappr to promote the appeal and dynamism of Ile-de-France. Presented at the CES and Vivatech conferences, this map is the database of the innovative Francilian ecosystem. The skills and location of more than 7000 start-ups are accessible via a search engine.

Showcase your areas

Create beautiful 2 D and 3 D interactive maps of your area using Mappr You can highlight its urban projects, points of interest, facilities and venues, transport infrastructure, ecosystem of local players, etc. Mappr is the area map 2.0. It is an innovative experience that enhances the appeal of your community, urban area, region…

Contextualise your offers

Highlight all services available in and around the property you sell or rent. Tell your customers more about your properties and their environment.

Search intelligently

Offer a powerful search engine to help your customers make better decisions regarding their real estate strategy with your assets. Search and share the properties that meet the advanced criteria of your prospective customers

They serve Mappr: