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interactive maps in 3D

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Mappr is the first interactive mapping solution for communication.

Create as many interactive maps as you have use for

  • Customize the map and interface to suit your projects and your brand.
  • Make use of our library of base maps, templates and icons to create your layout, filters, style, datasheets and media galleries.
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Create your mapping application

for real estate, territorial marketing, retail, industry, construction, tourism, Crowdsourcing, transport & tourism, human resources management, associations and smart cities.

Our use cases
Thanks to Mappr

Your data comes alive!

Easy to deploy

  • Utilise the power of a simple and efficient back office.
  • Connect mappr to your existing database with ease, using our API.
  • Create different interfaces from the same database.

View and share
your data without constraint

  • Add all the points you want.
  • Integrate heterogeneous data: video, photo, website, geolocalised flows, Open data, Big data…
  • Share datasheets or the result of your searches in personalised maps, created on the fly

Intuitive navigation

  • An indexing and full text search engine.
  • Interactive geographic search feature: the list displays only the information found on the map.
  • Create customized categories, tags and filters.
The world is all yours, on Mappr

Mappr has been designed for all project sizes

  • A responsive and multilingual interface.
  • The entire world available in 2D/3D mapping.
  • Finally take advantage of “Big” and “Open” data, on a global scale.

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